Challenge 7

A science topic that i find interesting is hurricanes. i find them interesting because how they happen and what happens after and what damage huricains  can do. a lot of hurricanes can kill people and wreck there homes. i enjoy hearing about them but i do not like hearing that some people died or got injured. if you want to know more about hurricanes go to the link  hurricanes. it is just talking about hurricanes and what will happen. they posted that on October 16 2012 just before hurricane sandy. if you want to learn about hurricane sandy go to the link Hurricane. in that link there is also a video about hurricane sandy. in the video you will see what happened. a question i would like to ask you is have you ever experienced a hurricane? comment below your answer. and that is why i like and what i know about hurricanes.

Challenge 7 

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  1. Hi Kara!
    I have never experianced a hurricane, but an interesting story is that when I was seven, my family was going to disney world. We were going to go one week, but we decided to switch to the week before because the hotel prices were better. W

  2. Oops. Anyways, then when we got back we found out that the week we were going to go on they were having a hurricane. Close call!

  3. Kara, that is so cool! I have never experienced a hurricane, either, but my cousins in Guatemala have been in an earthquake, and near a big giant sinkhole!

  4. I think hurricanes are a really tough experience to go through. I have haven’t ever gone through one but it seems really scary. I watched the reckage of hurricane sandy and it was just disaterous. I feel really bad for all those people who lost their homes and they barely have any food.

  5. hey Kara my brother told me to come check out your blog plus i bet Mr Pepper already told you guys that you have been linked to Mr sterling’s class. so thats whos class im in an i was told to check your blog. so my names Corey Jeremys brother and if you go to my teachers site my is Coreys crazy world
    peace out

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