Challenge 3: Widgets

I picked the widgets I have  because I thought they were cool or interesting. I put the Christmas countdown one because Christmas is my favourite holiday and I cant wait for it so I like to know when it is!  The link to my Christmas countdown widget is `Challenge 3! My other widget is my flag counter. I use it because I  get see how many people from a country visited my blog. The link to flag counter is Challenge 3! Another widget of mine is the calender. I just got the calender from my widgets already built in. My last widget i have is the student blogger 2012 badge! The link to the website is Challenge 3!  These are all my widgets i will ad more when i get into this year!

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Challenge 3


2 thoughts on “Challenge 3: Widgets

  1. Great post Kara! You have some great widgets on your blog. I like how you explained why you added them to your blog.
    You have lots of links embedded in your post which is great. For each link, you don’t have to write Challenge 3 for each one. Instead write the name of what the link is. Just use Challnge 3 when referring to Ms. Wyatt’s challenge page.

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