Hunter in the Dark~ Activity 2

The main events in our novel so far is that he is having a whole bunch of flash backs to when he was in the hospital, also having flash backs on what the doctor and what his family is saying. He is having a hard time surviving in the woods because of his health condition. We haven’t figured out what is wrong with his health yet, but we know that it is life threatening. One of the more round characters in the story is Mike Rankin; he has very many personality traits to make him believable. Some of his traits are that he’s very brave, smart, and strong. I find that the flat characters in this book are mikes parents. In the flash backs it talks about them but you never fully understand them also they are never in the present moment only in flash backs. The author introduced mike Rankin by his actions. The author put lots of description into the way he acts and all of his actions. This made mike a more realistic character. In the story one part when everyone had to cooperate with each other was when mike found out he had a serious condition. They all had to listen to each other’s thoughts and words. When mike fainted on the basketball court they thought it wouldn’t be that serious until the doctor explained he has a very serious condition. Without the author putting this part in the book then the whole story line would not make any sense. That part was in a flash back so you would have to keep reading to find out what the condition was and why he had to stay in the hospital. If I was in this situation I would be in complete shock because before I would have had no other medical problems. I also would be afraid to what would happen to me. Since after mike finding out about his health he ran into the wilderness, I think he will finally realize that he needs to go back home and get help with his health.


Movie Impact: Identity Theif

I am doing the movie review on Identity Theif. I thought the movie was really well done and super funny. There was some parts in the movie I got kind of confused on but then after later on the movie excplained it better which I was glad about. The part that really stood out for me in the movie was in the beging the lady was steeling everyones identity but near the end you found out she had no idea what her real name was and that she had a really tough life because no one liked her because she was different.Also no one ever want to talked to her because of her apperence and her personality. When she found  out her name in the end, it was Dawn Buddgie. She decided she didnt like the name and that she will just go by the name that fits her. It made an impact on me because it really made me realize that no one knows someone fully and that you cant judge anyone. It also made an impact on me because I havent had the best couple years with things happening in my family. But I am really glad that I could turn to my friends if I needed support.

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Book Report

Each little bird that sings


The book I read was Each Little Bird that Sings .  The author was Deborah Wiles and this book got the National Book Award.  The book would be under the genre of realistic fiction. There are 247 pages in this book and had 30 chapters. I chose this book because I read the back of the book and I thought it sounded interesting. I also read Each Little Bird That Sings because my sister read it when she was my age and she thought I would really enjoy reading it. After I read this book I thought it was a really well written and well done book. At the end of each chapter the author usually had great cliffhangers and made me wanting to keep on reading.

Throughout the story the Snowburgers were at their  house which was also the funeral house. The funeral home was gigantic and was very busy all the time. Their  motto was “we live to serve”. The main characters are Comfort Snowburger ,   Dismay, Declaration, and Peach.  Comfort Snowburger was a 10 year old that was extremely smart nice at times but was not nice AT ALL to Peach. Peach is her cousin. The cousin she hates, absolutely hates. Dismay, Dismay is the loved Snowburgers dog.  He is trustworthy, loving, kind and understanding. He would be at every funeral and stay beside the family that lost someone and would keep reassuring them that everything will be okay.  Declaration was Comforts friend. Hence the words WAS. she became all snobby,mean and rude. she would always say “my grandmother always says, a real lady never…” and Peach the one comfort hates so much. Why? because he is a cry baby. Peach is 8 years old and will cry if hes afraid, sad, mad, bored, annoyed,  I think you get the point, he cries a lot a lot. Peach may be annoying and a cry baby at times but he is actually really smart and very thoughtful.

Comforts great-great aunt florentine died while she was doing what she loved which was picking flowers. Great-great aunt Florentine was 91 when she died. Comforts aunt Glodie and cousin peach came down from florida to come to great-great aunt Florentines funeral. Comforts and her friend Declaration haven’t seen each other all summer because she was in———–. Comfort and Declaration met at the listening rock. The listening rock was were they used to always go together when they were little. By the end of it Comfort realized that Declaration was acting different and that their friendship was slowly disappearing. The funeral has finally arrived and comfort found out she had to take care of Dismay and Peach during the funeral. Which Comfort was not looking forward to. After the funeral they all were driving to the cemetery but Comfort decided she wanted to walk. Then Peached and Dismay tagged along. While they were in the middle of walking they bumped into Declaration. Declaration started scaring Peach by saying they put dead people underground for the worms to eat.

Peach got so scared he ran away to the lake around the listening rock. Just then a storm started coming. It starts pouring rain and the winds blowing and is just terrible. Dismay, Peach and Comfort get split up in the lake. Peach grabs Dismay and he starts drowning then comfort swims over to him and makes him let go of Dismay. By the end they get rescued by Comforts dad. Is Dismay dead? They don’t know? After they both get over the cold they caught from the storm they went looking for Dismay. At the end they found his collar and realized that he drowned. They were all sad. But Comfort and Peach were devastated. They did a funeral for Dismay. And guess who came? Yes the whole town, but also Declaration. Even after Comfort telling her not to come.

When comfort saw Declaration she was speechless. Declaration and Comfort made up kind of at the end of the funeral because Declaration apologized for how she acted and wanted to become friends with Comfort again. At the end Comfort realised that its not a sad thing when people die but its just celebrating their great life they lived.She also realised that she shouldn’t judge people before she really gets to know them, Just like her cousin Peach that she thought he was just a crybaby but turned out very brave.

The characters felt like real people very much because the author put them as what real people would say and do and what they would even feel. I could really relate to Comfort because of how the author made that character. With a lot of feeling. I couldn’t relate to Peach as much though because i wasn’t similar to how he would react to finding out news. I found that Declaration was one of my least favourite characters because she was very negative and way mean to people that did nothing to her. The setting was their funeral home which is the Snowburgers house. It was very easy to picture because the author described it very well. Like how many rooms there were and where everything was located. I pictured a very big white house with four floors and a 6 acre back yard.

I found the the book Each Little Bird That Sings was very easy to follow and I wasn’t very confused. But I was confused at some parts but not for long because I just needed to read over what I read because I read it wrong. I think the storyline was very well done. The book had a very good meaning, and that you need to think about the deeper meaning. I think the deeper meaning was that you should look on the bright side of things and not be all negative about life. Also that death isn’t always a bad thing and that its like a celebration of life on saying how good of a life that person had. My favourite character was probably Comfort because I could relate to her much more than the other characters.  I think that me and Comfort react in the same way.

My favourite part in the book was when Comfort and Peach and Dismay got stranded in a lake during a big storm. It was my favourite part because it was very suspenseful and it was very well done during that part. Also I think the author talked about how the characters felt and the author made them feel what she would feel and how other people would feel. It also tied the whole story together and made the ending just so much better.

I would definitely recommend this book to people who like suspenseful books and is around my age. I wouldn’t recommend this book to people who like fairy tales. This is because the genre is not the same to the realistic genre that this book is categorized under.  I would also rate this book 4 out of 5 because it was a good book but sometimes the author would either drag things on or would make important things way to shore and wouldn’t give enough detail. But overall i was very glad i chose to do Each Little Bird That Sings for my book talk.


This is my bistrip of my And Then It Happened story. To make a bitstip or to look at the website go to Bitstrip.

                                                                         And Then It Happened: Haunted House Disaster

Challenge 10: answers

  • How many posts did you write? I wrote 16 posts so far
  • How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge? I wrote 3 that were school based, 2 on my own interests and 11 challenge posts
  • How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students? I received 30 comments
  • Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened? I received the science post for challenge 7. I think it got the most because it recently happened and a lot of people heard of it. Also this is one of the posts that I really enjoyed doing!
  • Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why? I enjoyed challenge 7 the science one because I got to relate to it and I liked talking about it. Also I think its very interesting on what happened with the hurricane.
  • Did you change blog themes at all and why? Well i changed it a couple times just to see which one I preferred but after I found one I liked I kept it.
  • How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough?I have 3 widgets and I think its enough because I don’t want people just to look at my widgets I want them to read my posts.
  • How many overseas students do you have on your blogroll? I have none I just have the peoples links that are in my class. 

Challenge 10
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Challenge 9: picture story

The story to this picture is there was a man named Gary. He was into all of the hippi stuff. He over herd people talking about how there was a peace rally on the beach. The only problem was he didnt know what beach it was. There were 3 beaches near by. He tried every beach and couldnt find any peace rally. While he was driving its starts poring. he thinks to him self this just couldnt get worse. Then he relizes something that changed his day around.. what was it? It was a rainbow!!! Even though he didnt find the peace rally he still got to see a rainbow. He thought of the saying when there is a rainbow there is a way. Him thinking of this saying makes him decide to put on his own peace rally!

Challenge 9: book review

For challenge 9 i am going to do a book review on The Dead End. I think this book was fantastic! The genre of the book is horror and mystery. This book is about a girl who has to move to an abanded house that is known to be haunted. She keeps on having dreams about what happend to the little girl. She gets a weird feeling that something bad will happen to her to. Does anything happen to her? Well if you want to know you will have to read it to find out. My rateing for the book from 1 out of 10 is probably an 8. I recomend this book from 11-13 years of age. I have read this book about three times since I  got it. If you want to find the book it would be under the Poison Apple collection. 

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Challenge 9


my and then it happend story

                        And Then it Happened 

                                       Haunted House Disaster


One day Sammy, Jordan and Lilly were all sitting on Sammy’s back porch, finding shapes in the clouds. Right when Lilly was going to say a shape, Jordan jumped up and said excitantly “let’s go to the fair!” Lilly looked up at her and said “you know our parents are never going to let us.” Sammy interrupted and said quietly “who said they need to even know there going there?” 

A few hours passed and they came up with a plan. They all called their parents to ask if they could go to the mall (not the fair) once they had the approval they got on their bikes and left. As they left Lilly was starting to get scared she was going to get in trouble. But obviously Jordan said “don’t worry we won’t get caught. They worst thing that could happen is we get hit by a car on our way there or back but that’s not that bad so we are all good.”

The bike ride to the fair was about 30 minutes, but it was worth it because they found out there was a haunted house that was known to be the scariest one in the world. They all decided to go in. they were having a blast and were barley scared. All that was in the haunted house so far was zombies and mummies and some dead people hanging but they have been in a haunted house just like that before.

They saw something in the corner of their eye and when they looked to the side to see what it was someone grabbed each of their ankles and Sammy got so scared she grabbed a random person’s arm. Sammy thought it would be fine since they couldn’t see what she looked like. But just out of her luck they got to the end of it and when they got out she looked over to see who it was. And then it happened Sammy stood in shock. It was her sister!

They started to plead for Sammy’s sister not to tell they were there but it was too late. She already called her mom who told Lilly and Jordan’s mom. On the bike ride home they were debating if they should just run away. But the Lilly looks up and said “guys I think going there is going to be worth the punishment. I would have never done this if it wasn’t for you guys, thanks.” Sammy and Jordan looked confused. Was she right? Would she actually never have done it? They felt proud.

That whole talk on the way back made them forget about how they had to face their moms.  All three of them got grounded for two weeks. They would usually be fine with that but their friend Anna was having a Halloween party in less than a week and they were going to have to miss it.